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Give your water a tasty Zing and increase your daily hydration with a little help from the Citrus Zinger.

The Citrus Zinger is easy to use and simple to clean. Designed specifically for citrus fruit, you just unscrew the bottom cup of the Citrus Zinger, twist and press a citrus half, and replace the bottom cup. The nutrients, flavours and aromas from the citrus juice are then released into the water, while the pulp, rind and pips are kept at the bottom of the bottle for steeping more flavour.

Start your day with lemon and lime juice in your water or be more adventurous with blood orange, grapefruit or mandarin with mint.

• 828ml capacity
• Made from BPA/EA-free plastics
• Dimensions: 7x7x26cm
• Dishwasher safe


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